Playing Performance issues

Hi allOne of the major problems I have with using TBS is the performance problem in the playback. A modest 7 minutes storyboard takes about … 5 seconds to actually start playing :o It drives me nuts.Only the “play selected panel” button works faster… but that’s of no use whatsoever. Somehow it’s an “edit” job to complete a decent animatic, and a fluent playing possibility is essential for good timing.I tried to find some quality settings somewhere, to speed it all up, but there’s no such thing in the preferences. :’(Any ideas ?Thanks

Hi Sobie- what version of Storyboard do you have?-in Storyboard, click on Help, select about and send me the version infofor example: Storyboard Pro 1.5 Version 8.5.0 (4490)thx -romi :o

yeaah, that’s the one. 1.5 v. 8.5.0 (4490)I’m trying to avoid drawing with textured pen for now, see if that speeds up playback… no results yet though, too early ;-)Cheers

Hi Sobie,I’m using the same version.Good idea about limiting texture pen as it uses lots of memory.Let me us know how it goes! also, I found out that your 5 seconds is normal because of the way the computer cashes information -why don’t you like playing a selection of panels at a time? -romi

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to call a 5 sec delay “normal”. I’m used to edit on final cut or premiere, and you get instant play there …Anyways, I found out that the graphics, and textured pen don’t do anything to the playback… it is solely the audio-tracks which are responsible for the delay.When I turn audio “off” I get instant play too !! So it has something to do with how TBS handles the sound. Hope someone is gonna do something about that soon ;-)And no, playing selections only for editing… is just out of the question ;-)Sobie

Hi Sobie! did you test with sound scrubbing on and off to see if there’s a difference? romi

Sound scrubbing doesn’t affect the playing performance it seems, but causes additional delays.Cheers.

I’ve used it at home without any significant delays and then taken the same project to a client who’s machine caused a HUGE delay in playback. Their machine wasn’t any less powerful than mine so I couldn’t tell you what the issue was, sorry.Is your soundfile wav or mp3? I find mp3s are smaller and more responsive.

hmm. interesting… we’ve been using wavs so far, but I really am going to try out what mp3 does to the process, I’ll report ! :wink:

well… that’s not it !I tried using mp3’s and there’ no noticeable difference. Actually we have this issue on all computers, some are a little faster because of processor-speed of course.Any ideas on the “toonboom front” ? :wink:

Hi Sobie,Be aware that nothing is pre-rendered for playback so you need to give some time to the software to get a head start and buffer part of the soundtrack/panels to be able to have a fluid playback.We are working on optimizing the playback of the software but from what you describe I think this is normal with the project you got. In any case if you want us to give a look to the project and see if something else is in cause let us know and we will setup an ftp for you to upload your project.Regards,Ugo

I have found that if I copy/past the panels, then the dialogue of a “lagging” project into a fresh project, it will eliminate the playback lag. I’ve put together an 11 minute show like that and it works great. Right now I’ve a 2 minute long sequence that’s delayed by 7 or 8 seconds (enough time for the little Mac colour wheel thing to spin). It was working fine yesterday, and suddenly it’s screwed up. If I turn off dialogue or play only a selection, it’s ok.This problem has been recurring lately, but I never had it happen until I started working with project file that a client supplied to me.

Hi,This may also be related to extensive usage of texture in your project (which may explain why you never got it on your project but have it on theirs). In any case again playing only small sections at a time which you loop is most likely your best solution.Best regards,Ugo

I don’t think it’s an issue with file size (the clients project was empty, except for a script and some sound files in the library, which I deleted) or textured brushes (I don’t use them). I’ve got big projects that play fine and small projects that take forever to commence playing.I wonder, could it be something to do with the software finding the path to the sound file? I’m now working on a project file that was buggered, then worked fine again for a few days and now it’s buggered again. I was copy pasting the elements into a new project when I noticed the original started working fine again. If I figure out exactly what I did to fix it, I’ll let you know.(version 4490)