Playing keyframes ONLY

Hi, I’m new to Toon Boom.
Wondering if there’s a way to play keyframes ONLY, in ‘play mode’?
Also, is it possible to create a hotkey for flipping through drawings?


yes! let’s have hotkeys for flipping thru marked drawings!
any feedback from toon boom folks?


Good afternoon,

In Toon Boom Studio, the shortcuts for flipping through drawings are Shift + A and Shift + S.

You can see keyboard shortcuts here:

You can see how to change keyboard shortcuts here:

Next Drawing [Shift] + [S]

Next Element [F]

Next Element in Exposure Sheet [Shift] + [F]

Next Frame [S]

Previous Drawing [Shift] + [A]

Previous Element [D]

Previous Element in Exposure Sheet [Shift] + [D]

Previous Frame [A]

As a note, there is not Mark Drawing option in Toon Boom Studio.