playing in browser


I’m new to toon boom and never used flash.

After I save an animation in flash format. I drag it to my browser and get two unwanted results.
1) the animation loops.
2) the animation expands to the full size of the browser window regardless of the original size.

If I give these files to a web developer will they have the same problem. Or does drag-and-drop have limitations?

When you embed a SWF in an HTML page there is code to set the size of the playback and to control looping, so anyone familiar with embedding SWF in HTML will not have problems.

Here is sample code:

As you can see this has a parameter called “loop” set to false which means it will play once then stop. It is scaled to fit a 432 px by 324 px box. -JK


I appreciate your help very much. But are you saying I need to learn to code to make cartoons with toonboom!? I haven’t done that since I had to script acad.

any way I checked the html expot box and tried to do what you said to the swf file with textedit OS-X but it is all code? no words like you show.

I have to say Toonboom’s documentations is the worst I’ve seen ever on a pro software package. If it wasn’t for the forums I’d be totally lost.

You don’t need to write any code to use TBS, you may need to do some very basic coding to create web pages the way you specifically want them which has nothing to do with TBS.

Here is the code produced directly from TBS by simply checking the Export HTML box when you export your Flash movie. Not exactly rocket science. It creates a basic web page to display your movie, it isn’t meant to be web development software.

That’s about all I can do to help you at this time. -JK