Playhead marker is useless if it moves whenever I click somewhere else.

This is a really annoying design flaw in my opinion.
The playhead is supposed to be a reference of where you want to drag panels and audios whenever trimming or moving an object around the timeline.
But if the playhead leaves the position where I left it as a reference when i go click on the panel I want to adjust, the playhead does not function as a reference, and I have to end up guessing where I decided to move the panel.
This end up taking a lot of unnecessary guessing and adjusting. It is frustrating and stressing.

A good reference of how the playhead in a video editor should work is Adobe Premiere. The playhead is actually useful and editing, trimming and adjusting is a smooth experience. You can focus on the creative task and forget the software limitations.

I used to make storyboards in Adobe Photoshop, but decided to change to Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro was an expensive acquisition.
I hope the software designers and programmers looks for already proven and tested design solutions of other softwares when designing its user experience.
Toon Boom Storyboard’s timeline could be a lot more smooth to work on with the features already designed tested and approved in other video editing softwares.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 17.06.24.png

Yes it’s been like that from the beginning. As you say bad software design, goes against the logic used by every NLE.

I also found this very, very frustrating. I have to export all the panels and use an old version of premiere because I find making an animatic in toon boom so difficult.