Playback Stops at 99 Frames

Hello everyone…

Thanks so much for all of your help…

My problem comes from when I try and playback a scene or Export a scene.
My scene is currently 120 frames long but when I Export it or play it back with the qick playback I only get 99 frames of it then it stops. The counter actually says 99 of 99 when it stops.

I have searched these forums and have tried everywhere I know to find some kind of limiting factor to change but can’t. I could greatly use some help on this.

In the Export window I have full movie and All checked for Frames.

Exporting as a .swf.

Hello… hello…

Is this thing on? ???


Are you exporting to Quicktime movie? Flash Movie? Also on which OS are you (Mac or Windows and which version of it)

Which version of Quicktime have you installed on your machine and which codec are you using upon import (for Quicktime movie).



First off thanks fo the reply.

I am using Windows Vista.
QuickTime 7.62

I am exporting to a flash movie. (.swf) it plays in IE 7


You may want to update your version of Quicktime. Otherwise, is this happening only in this current project or all of your project get stuck at 99 frames when you render them?



It was just this current project. Other projects have run fine.

Also this is the first project that I have used scenes in. Could that have something to do with it?

I was under the impression that the latest updat of Quicktime had issues with Toon Boom?


Unless you go to Quicktime 10 on OSX I am not aware of anything specific that would cause any issue.

Has for scenes, is it just exporting the first scene of your animation or are multiple scenes exported but one of them missing?

What exactly is in the frame 100 and have you tried to export the range of frame that is missing?