Playback speed varies each time

I’ve got a simple cartoon where I have the heads bobbing back and forth to music. It’s only about 5 seconds long.

I line up the heads to the correct beat. Sometimes they play back fine and sometimes they’re too fast. There doesn’t seem to be any exact reason I can find.

Any ideas?


Did you stream your sound? In the Sound editor make sure to check the streamed checkbox.

Also, by playback do you mean the play inside the software or a preview of some sort? Be aware that pressing play inside of the software also take in consideration everything else you have running on your machine so you may have different play speed on every run as your memory usage may be different. To have an accurate playback you should do a Preview Scene or Preview Movie.

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The sound is streaming.

There’s a big problem with having to preview every time to see if it’s right. It takes a while to show the preview and you can’t just keep going back and forth without going nuts.

I’ll keep playing with it and see if it’s got anything to do with the computer.