Playback not working


I am fairly new to TBS 5.0 which I’m using on mac and have the following problem.

Since the beginning I have not been able to playback my animations. All the previews are working fine, the only thing that seems to be NOT working is the play button/play option from main menu. The timeline shows playing frames x to y, but nothing is actually happening.

I thought that it could simply be to much for my mac, but it doesn’t work even with the simplest of animations.

Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong and if there is any way of fixing it?

Many Thanks


Are you in the camera view or the drawing view? Also, are you running the software with a dual monitor setup or only a single monitor?

Finally, would it be possible to give us your computer specs?




It doesn’t work in any view and I’m working on single monitor.

Using PowerBook G4, 10.4.11, which I thing could initially be the problem…?

(I have also noticed that I cannot import images, they get either lost in the process or loose colour. Any idea about this one?)




Be aware that Toon Boom Studio version 5.0 is certified for G5 and MacIntel technology. We have not actually confirmed it works under G4 so you may get weird results using such a machine. If you have a chance you should try it with another machine that meets the system requirements:

Let us know if you are still getting the same thing let us know.

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