Playback lag issues (possible solution)

If anyone is experiencing bothersome delays in playback, it might be worth converting your sound file to mono before importing it. I’ve noticed that a couple of past projects with delays were stereo mp3s.

My test in Storyboard with Mp3 resulted with smooth playback.Before play-back I right-clicked the sound in the Timeline, selected [Sound Scrubbing]. -romi

Myself and a few others have found that projects can suddenly develop a 3-8 second delay before playback kicks in.

Have you tried using wav files instead of MP3? If you wish, send a sample to of a project with the delay you described, and it will be looked into for you. -romi

Thanks Romi, if I have time when I finish my current work, I will but I think the size of it would require your ftp info. Also, there’s an earlier thread I could have just added this post to.

wondering if you found a solution… if not, you can send an email to with a request for an ftp link to upload your file. remember to detail your issue… -romi