Playback Issue with Scrubbing

I’m starting to wonder if this was ever a real feature or not. I used to be able to scrub through my timeline and the stage view would jump in to whatever the camera frame was. Now, when I scrub through the timeline, the stage shows almost everything in my drawing area. In order to only see what I put in my stage view, I have to enable the camera mask. I never used to have to enable it to not see any lines placed outside the camera frame. I’m attaching some images to explain:

  1. What my screen looks like without doing anything
  2. What it looks like when I’m scrubbing through the timeline
  3. What it looks like when I’m scrubbing with the camera mask enabled

What used to happen was either the camera frame line wouldn’t disappear during playback or the stage view would “zoom in” and would only show what was inside the camera frame. Did I just imagine this feature? Or did I accidentally change a setting or something?