Playback Issue in Animate 2.0

When I try to play my frames in Camera View ? moves along the timeline, but nothing plays in the Camera View. If I switch to Drawing View I see the frames moving, but I wanted to see that in Camera View. Is there a way? I’m selecting the play button where the top menu icons are and I’ve tried also the scroll down play menu.

are you in render mode or open gl mode for camera view. If you aren’t in open gl mode switch to it.

Thanks! that did the trick except I wish I could play and see the actual colors, tones, etc., as I can see them in render view without having to Play and Render to do it. Is there a way?

You should be able to see colours in opengl mode, however effects(tone is an effect) are too heavy in processing time to be able to show in real time.

Render and play is the only way i am aware of.

Thanks again!