Playback incosistent. Help!

I use Quick Preview in Toonboom to iron out the newances in lyp synch. When I play back the exported swf file (or any other export format), it isn’t the same …

Example: There is 12 seconds of music before dialogue. The first mouth movement begins exactly with the dialogue in Previews, and so on. Viewing the export, the dialogue starts early. Either the sound file is faster or the animation slower.

Is this to be expected? Is the Preview not meant to be truly representational with sound? It would be difficult ironing out all the subtleties of audio to movement if you have to export and play a file every time. The exported one ultimately has to be correct if you want to publish it.

Using Toon Boom Studio V 3.5 build 59 / OSX 10.4.8

The Preview is fairly representational with sound.
Here it works best when I run the Preview a second or third time,
but I presume this has more to do with my old machine than TBS.

The Sound-Editor, where I rely on most, is pretty accurate.
If you get it right there, than the sound should fit nicely.
Sometimes I have to do some minor adjustments in the Exposure Sheet.


Thanks for the post! You’re right, the Preview is the accurate one.

I double checked the time on the orginal wave file (12 seconds; via Cooledit Pro) and it matches the animation point of 12 seconds (144 frames @ 12 fps). My exports are the ones sliding. Shockwave via IE rushes the sound a little, Quicktime a little more.

This is a real dilemma. It would be best to work in the “purity” of frames and seconds, but the export has to be the final product. I’ll try and work with the export as the goal.

I’m realizing I can export a discreet number of frames, so quality checking isn’t as slow. I will also try to break up scenes as much as possible with seperate wave files, so the lag doesn’t worsen, although this is tough with long bits of music.

Quicktime has start/pause on the player, so I can toy with the results a little when checking work, whereas Shockwave/Flash IE just plays through. Is either one more favored by the public? I know I’m getting ahead of myself but want to iron out the end user experience before 100s of hours of labor.


Hi Jeff,

Usually the quick time movie should give you a good sync. Is the final quick time movie 12fps ?

If you plan to use flash you can also try to stream your sound elements (there is a check box in the sound edit window). That will probably help.


The streaming tic box in sound editor did it! :slight_smile:

The Quicktime export is maybe a hair off, the swf file seems in perect synch. This is a huge relief. I love the sound analyzer tool for lyp snych and it would have been a shame to second guess and adjust it.

I had this problem when demoing ToonBoom v3 earlier in the year and gave up. Now I look forward to purchasing after this v3.5 demo expires and carrying on.