Play toggle shortcut act weirdly

hi !

I’ve customize the 0 key to play my animation but it’s seems that’s it’s doesn’t work normally.
I have to keep the 0 key pressed a few second to play the animation and it’s almost impossible to stop the animation with the 0 key…

Is that an issue or something ?

Also, I have an another question, is this possible to have 2 different shortcuts for one similar action ?

I’m currently using the toon bomb harmony advanced free trial 14.0.0

Thanks in advance for the help =)

Depends on what specifically you assigned the 0 key to.
I understand it plays animation but what/how specifically?
Normally 0 collapses elements in the timeline view.

While it may be possible to assign the same key to two
different actions (provided the scope of these actions is
only the selected window and not a general action that
applies to the software as a whole). In practice this is
tricky to achieve as it requires a very good knowledge
of the software technically.

It’s much simpler to remove the hotkey assignment for
features you never or rarely use and assign those keys
instead to the feature you wish to hotkey.

Ok… I don’t really understand what happened.
Today my 0 shortcut work perfectly BUT all my shortcuts as disappeared :confused:

For the “2 shortcuts/1 action” question it’s because I’m left handed and using my numeric pad for my shortcuts and sometimes I like to cmd+z to undo some actions when my hand is not on the numeric pad.

Anyway, thank you for the answer, great soft by the way, really nice to work with :slight_smile:

You say that 0 worked so please explain
“all my shortcuts as disappeared”.

Are you saying that your keyboard shortcuts
customizations disappeared? These are stored
in a file in your user’s preferences so they should
not normally be disappearing. Did you revert the
computer back to an earlier state somehow using
Time Machine on Mac or some other method?