play swf once only

When I export a movie in swf, and then open the html or swf file, it will loop endlessly. Is there a way to make it stop on the last image after playing once ?
That’s the way I would like movies to behave on my site for the moment… Haven’t found a way around yet… Haven’t found anything useful either yet in the export options… Any clue ? Thanks in advance…

You can turn off looping in the Publish Settings (HTML ) or add the ActionScript “stop();” to the last frame through Flash itself not TBS.

In HTML you add this line to your code for loading your SWF.

that works for IE browsers

value loop=“false”

is also needed to work with Firefox and other browsers

Hope this helps-JK

Thank you.
This is what I feared. I only have Flash 4 , it wouldn’t open swf files generated by TBS 4 (I suppose they require flash 6). Buying Flash just to be able to write “stop”, considering the price… doesn’t seeem quite reasonnable…
On the other hand the html link is not as good a solution as the swf from my point of view: the window size does not adapt to the cartoon’s for instance… You have a huge window with a smaller animation in one corner… There are other changes necessary… It’s probably possible to implement the right code, but even if you know exactly what to write, (which I don’t) it’s something yet that you have to do everytime…
(And by the way I didn’t succeed in the addition you kindly suggested, probably because I didn’t paste value loop=“false” in the right place…)