Play .swf files...AGAIN?

Hi, I’m a new toonboomer, and new also to mac. I just did my first animation, which I exported into .swf format, as I just learned in the first tutorial. Immediately after exporting it, a flash player runs the clip (of course, the “launch player” field was ticked). Ok, the clip looks fine, and I close the flash player window. But wait a minute, a couple of hours later I want to check it out again because I’d like to show it to my daughter. So I look into the Finder and select the .swf file, and try to open it. Nothing happens. I try to select an application in order to do so, none is active or compatible with the .swf that I just watched run two hours ago (one cant’ force the Finder to “un-gray out” applications)! All I can do is open the same clip in its original .tbpd format using TBS (got 4.5). TOONBOOM WILL NOT OPEN my .swf clip either. So I got this question, and please forgive me if this just sounds stupid, remember I’m new to TBS and mac as well: How can I watch AGAIN my .swf file? What do you toonboomers do when you want to watch your .swf files? It seems like the only chance I got to do so was immediately after exporting the clip… and never again once the pop-out flash player closed. I just re-exported the .tbpd into .mov and it’s ok, I can open it whenerver I want to. But I’d like to do the same with a .swf. Or perhaps I just misunderstood everything and the .swf file is not for watching, just some sort of information to be processed later. I’m sorry if I just sounded confusing, but so long none of my friends could provide help or even open the clip as .swf file. SUGGESTIONS, HELP ?
CARLITO (can reply in Spanish if you like to my address

Well, I guess the swf-file opened in TBS’s (4.5) own “flash-player” - in Safari I presume…?
Either open Safari (or else) go to File / Open File…
Or right click (control-click) the swf-file and choose Open With…
Select one of your swf-players…
If you haven’t installed any yet, download either the SWF & FLV - or the VLC-player.


I just downloaded the swf player you suggested and it seems fine. Thanks, pal. The player runs the clip as a loop, but it’s ok. Just the control bar won’t hide after closing the application. I’ll explore this one.

So, yeah, TBS has a built-in player for your exported SWF. But what if you want to view the SWF without launching TBS?

The most prevalent answer to this, stems from the basic fact that SWF is first and foremost a web delivery format. Thus, it is intended to be played in a web browser.

To play it in a web browser, the Flash plugin will need to have been installed. Currently, it is at version 10, available at Next, you need a web page that sets up a Flash object. The easy thing to do here, is simply check the “Export HTML” box on the dialog sheet, when exporting your movie as an SWF from within TBS. Then all you need to do for future playback, is to click on the HTML file in Finder, and it will load it up in Safari.

You can also get third-party “viewer” programs, as mentioned in other replies. Adobe actually has a standalone “Flash Player” application, but I believe it is only available if you purchase their Flash developer tools, such as comes in the Creative Suite.

Have fun!