"Play" shortcut in TBA

For the life of me, I can’t find where to set the Play shortcut in Animate.

Am I being dumb, or does this basic function not exist?

It’s located in the General section of the Shortcuts in the Preferences, and is labelled “Toggle Playback”. The default shortcut is set to Shift+Enter. You can also easily go to the beginning with Shift+, and to the end with Shift+. Also, you can very easily set the start and stop frames by just moving the playhead to that frame then clicking on “Start” or “Stop” (next to the field where you can enter a number, just click on the word itself). Also just as general information, if you play back your scene with loop enabled, you can even change the start or stop frames while it’s paying by dragging the little triangles in the timeline that represent the duration of the playback.

Hope that helps!

Toon Boom Support

That’s awesome, Lilly.