Play button gone missing

I was animating, when i accidentally removed my play button. It is completely gone and it really annoys me.

I have tried re-installing the program, but it just wont come back.

please help!

I imagine you did not delete the preferences before you reinstalled the software. Have you gone into preferences and clicked on Restore Default Settings? If that does not work try right-clicking on the space where the play button would be. This should open a window offering some buttons to add to the menu. Look for it there. If this does not work delete the software and look through your preferences and delete anything that looks like it is Toon Boom Harmony related. Reboot, then reinstall the software. Hopefully this will work.

Hey, I did the same thing and it momentarily made me crazy. Go into Windows then click Toolbars then Playback and it should bring them back.