Play animation included in a symbol?


I have created a symbol of an animation and I inserted the new symbol in the timeline to reuse my animation several times.
But when I play the scene the symbol only shows the first frame of my included animation.

Is there a way to play the included animation by changing something like a playing mode of the symbol?



First of all if you want all the frames of the symbol to appear when you drag and drop the symbol from the library in your Timeline, hold the Alt key down as you drag and drop your symbol. This will open the Drag and Drop Paste Special window > Choose Paste All Frames of the Symbol (full Movie).

Then you can select all the frames of the symbols in the Timeline and do Copy/Paste cycle… > put 20 cycles if you want.

Okay, what if you’ve already gone through your animation and then decide you want your symbol to play throughout. Is there a way to set it to play after the fact without having to redo all your main layer animation? I think of instances where a client may ask for some facial animation as a change, and you’d want to easily go into that symbol to make that change without having to start over.