Play Animation in Perspective view in real time

I have a problem with playing animation in Perspective view in real time. When i tap “Play Forward” button and go to Perspective view, animation doesn’t move. It plays like a slide show only if i change work area or zoom in/out the perspective view . It’s a little bit weird. I don’t know what causes this bag. In case it can be my own laptop problem, or i accidentally set wrong settings in Harmony.
Here’s my laptop system props

Intel Core i5-10300H 2.50Ghz
NVIDIA GeForse GTX 1650
Windows 11
Toon Boom Harmony 20

I attached Workspace screencap

Hi, Lena_Somik
click the menubar: Play - Enable Playback - Perspective View

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I have enabled this option but it still doesn’t works
Anyway, thanks for reply

I think this is a software bug. You can submit this bug to the ToonBoom staff for repair.
You can join the official community of ToonBoom on Discord,
and then enter in any channel in the community
Then you will receive a private message sent by a robot, operate according to the text content, click the corresponding emoticon to select Harmony, specify the software bug, and then submit it.

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Okey, i will check it (maybe reinstall software)
Thanks for advice

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Also does not work in Harmony 21.1 or 22, with or without enable playback.
Report it to support.

Workaround use Mini Playback Toolbar, this will let you playback your animation in Perspective.