Placing timeline and x-sheet on secondary monitor

Is there any way (maybe some option or patch or anything) I can put timeline or x sheet or library or function editor on secondary monitor? My working space is so small since my primary monitor is filled up with windows I cannot drag on secondary screen. Is it something with my windows display properties or is it just impossible to do it in toon boom studio?

It is straight forward on the Mac. It requires setting parameters on the PC running Windows but it is also possible. In MS Windows the application runs inside a frame so you have to extend the desktop so that the application frame can extend across two displays. On the Mac the application is not bounded by a frame so if you have multiple displays you just drag and place your various panels where ever you please.

You might also want to assign hot keys to all panels so that you can open and close each panel quickly with a single key press. This dramatically improves desktop clutter by allowing you to have panels open only when you need them. Even in a dual display environment I open and close panels continuously because it is often easier to layer panels then to spread then out particularly when doing a lot of drag and drop between panels which is often the case in the TBS work flow. -JK

just a word of caution, if you are using a wacom tablet, you will most likely run into some more issues when you goto 2 monitors. Depending on your settings you will either lose pressure sensitivity or to keep it you’ll have to sacrifice half of your tablet’s drawing area, which is costly if it’s only a 4x5 to start with. I don’t know what the cause is, but I do know that both TBS & Wacom staff are aware of the problem & I can only hope they are working on a fix sooner than later.

Any word on that Ugo? ;D