Pixelated Brush?


I’m pretty new to using Toon Boom so forgive the novice question.
When I use the brush tool, the lines are always pixelated - is it supposed to be that way can there be a way to change it - Like how you smooth looking lines in Adobe Flash?

I like how the lines are smooth in flash , why are only soft when the job is saved? It makes me nervous, nor of the will to start an animation!

You ought to put together a very short and simple project or even just enough to generate a final still image of a project to see the output quality of the results. That way you will know that even though it looks a little rough while working on the project it is going to look good after all of the time and effort you will be investing.

I just know that Toon Boom approached animation from a different angle that Flash. This might have produced software that is more demanding on system resources. Antialiasing is one of the first things to disable if you are having problems with real-time responsiveness in other programs. Maybe they concluded people would be better off if they put a lower limit on it (antialiasing).

Studio gets sluggish if I draw continuously without stopping briefly to give the software a chance to process the information. Initially, the line is very rough and smooths out to a point in a split second. If I do not pause to allow it this split second it sort of builds up and gets slower and slower until the cursor does not keep up with my strokes. As soon as I give it the moment it wants it goes back to being able to keep up.

I have Animate Pro as well as Studio. FWIW this does not occur in Animate Pro. Things are more efficient in the higher-end software. I am mentioning it here because this ability to compare has lead me to understand what might be going on.

From what I can gather reading comments here it may look better on a Mac system than Windows. I am on a Mac and the work-in-progress quality does not look bad enough to bother me but I did check the output before I felt confident about the software’s potential.

Preferences => Display: there are a few settings you can boost.

My Studio art is always a tiny bit pixelated inside the working project but it looks very smooth when exported.

It’s due to the nature of vector VS bitmap. It’s vector inside the software but is rendered to bitmap format (yes, even movie files).

Studio is a 32-bit program and if you were to actually render every frame while working, the responsiveness of the software would be too slow to actually get any work done. What is presented on screen is an OpenGL screen approximation of what the rendered image would look like. The antialiasing feature comes at a resource cost (graphic card memory and graphic processing power). Good graphic cards can handle it but lesser cards will struggle.

Remember also that using dual monitors leaves you with only half of the graphic card’s original resources.