This is a amorphous request for morphing functionality when dealing with bitmaps/textures as well as a general request for speedier/easier/more intuitive animation tools/alternative workflows.

I really feel Toon Boom is lacking when it comes to raster editing; it’s extremely powerful; but sometimes I just want to edit in pixels…I shouldn’t feel dirty or inept when dealing with the square buggers.

One comparison that could be made especially related to rigging is a competitor when pawns a cheap product with much less functionality then available from Toon Boom…albeit simple. The comparison is to the newer CrazyTalk Animator. I like how simple it is to rig a character from a photograph animate it with templates and how realistic it looks; I like having the option of animating non-cartoons. I could never get that kind of speed out of Toon Boom; or have that type of functionality when dealing with photographs, videos.

Theres other things related to simplicity/speed that would help with alternative workflows. Cursor movement during playback for example can animate the speed of movement; not to eliminate the current methods. Drag/drop photos, videos, swfs, and its relatively simple.

I feel like you’ve build a solid framework in your software where you could add some of these features would create a product I would cry out of joy just using.

Primarily I feel I love Toon Boom but it needs 2d raster possibilities similar to CrazyTalk Animate and certain workflow alternatives could be created so that workflow for creating animations are faster.

I think everyone would love it?


The idea of a pixel editor is interesting however I don’t think it is likely.

However bones tools are coming in the next version which do the sort of thing you want with rigging photo/images. Currently only studio has it but we have been told next iteration of Animate will have it.