Pixel Brush?

This is something that happened recently. I was working on a project and when I re-opened it, every single brush preset and brush I made turned into a rectangle that doesn’t change form at all, whatsoever, no matter how much I mess with the settings. Not only this, but every single frame in my project changes to this blocky brush and takes up practically the entire render view, so pressing play just shows all black on screen but the background shows itself in the corner every now and then; I’m assuming this is my animation still playing but this brush scaled up my drawings by like 1000x? Now you may argue that it looks pixeled because of the scale–but it was turned into this pixel brush beforehand, because the brush preset itself is a rectangle that won’t change, but it somehow scaled up everything I had on top of that. This happens with every file, new or old. This happens no matter where the file is saved or where it’s opened from–desktop, USB, hard-drive. This is the most frustrating encounter I’ve had because this completely ruined every file I had and will inevitably ruin every file I’ll ever start in the future, if I even get to doing so with this problem. I have ToonBoom Harmony 12.2 Premium–perpetual license.

Try re-installing the graphic card driver.
Windows updates can mess with the
OpenGL libraries of the computer.

If that doesn’t work please contact support to
remotely connect to the system to have a look.

Today I start working on my proyect and I have the same problem. Did you fix it?