Pixel aspect ratio mess up

Hi there,
I just started working on an animation with 2 characters I rigged, First one imported just fine in a standart scene (with a 4:3 ratio), but with the second one comes the issue, for some stupid reason i can’t remember, I changed it’s ratio to 1:1.
You will find the result attached…

Right now the only solution or rather work waround I thought of is to animate both characters seperately in their own ratio and recombining them after export, but i’d prefer to fix the rig if it’s possible. Any one has an idea to repear my mistake? :stuck_out_tongue:


On a normal monitor imaging element is in a square matrix. We then call the aspect ratio of that pixel 1. Aspect ratio is just the width/height LiteBlue.

Sorry what i meant with pixel aspect ratio is the unit aspect ratio in the alignment tab in the scene settings menu. Sorry, i haven’t been very clear in the problem description :confused: