Pixel artifacts with cutter and masks

Hi Toonboom,
I have this issue at work: When I render something that is masked, it generates an edge of pixels in the render. However there is no visible pixels in the OpenGL. How can I get rid of these?

Best regards Troels,


Here it shows it OpenGl and the rendered version. (Notice the edge around the white shape).

Why explain it when ZeBirdBrain already has!

Thaank you Steenbeck! That was one cool trick and then the right way to do it!
If you live close to Denmark, I will bake you a cake!

Also in the studio I was advised to add 15 comps to get rid of it,. - but it gives some other issues ofcourse!


Your welcome @Troels and thanks, but the credit goes to ZeBirdBrain.

Yeah the ‘comp method’ has been around for awhile, everyone has a different way of doing it.