Pixel art in Harmony Premium 12?

I make pixel art daily in photoshop. However, i bought harmony recently and i can’t find a way to draw pixel art.
To be more specific - i would like to have 32x32 or 64x64 or 128x128 pixel layer to draw on. And to draw 1 by 1 pixel.

Also i would need to export those frame (e.g. 1 layer, 12 frames) as sprite sheet.

Does anyone know how to do these things in Harmony?

Thanks in advance!

nope. you can’t,
Toon Boom is a Vector software. No a Pixel Art software,

find a pixel art software there are a lot of them:


There’s an effect module available in premium called pixelate, its not the real deal but it can be useful if you want to achieve some kind of pixelated look:


Harmony Premium allows you to paint in bitmap.