Pixel art animation style (8bit or 16 bit)

i see in other topic that say use the pixelate fx to make pixel art animation.
Use the pixelate fx seems to be a good way (i´m thinkin in after effects way) but, there are someone that actually has made some animation in toon boom with the pixelate fx and create a pixel style (8bit or 16 bit) animation?

this kind of animation for example:


how they did it? with the pixelate fx??

or this kind (my favorite one!):


or the character of this scene:

The pixelated look you want is applied by simply turning off the antialiasing for the elements.

In the element (layer) editor, go to the “drawing” tab and set the Antialising Quality to Low. You must do this for every element (layer) that you want this effect applied to.

Alternately you can do it as an effect by hooking up a “Pixelate” module between the final composite and the Write and Display modules.

thanks for the answer. but honestly, neither of those ways create a pixel art style.

there are a lot of things that dont match. i dont think make a pixel art style is easy. i’ll still making research, i know that the soft don’t make the animation, and it is only a tool, but i like to use the best tool for each type of project.

Thanks again!