Pivots "on all frames" not working

Not sure if this is user error, a Mac OSX Lion thing, or just a bug, BUT, I can’t get my pivots to work correctly… Here is a Jing showing what happens: http://screencast.com/t/OoYMVzxF4

AWESOME!!! As always, Thanks Lilly :slight_smile:

Hey Tony,

That option there to set the pivot on all frames is only for when you’re working with a symbol.

You know what I do instead when working with drawings, is I create the pivot on the first frame. Then, with your focus (red outline) around the Camera View, if you still have your Pivot tool selected, you can Ctrl+C to copy the pivot, then go to the next frame, make sure the focus is still around the Camera View, then Ctrl+V to paste the pivot.

You can also copy the pivot and then paste it on some new drawings with Paste Special - Update Drawing Pivot.