Pivots of bone deformer objects' children


I have this problem in Harmony 14 where if I have an object rigged with a bone deformer, let’s say an arm, and it has a child object (a hand), every time I try to animate the arm using the bone deformer, the pivot for the hand drawing goes way out of whack. This makes it almost impossible to animate.

I tried using pegs but it did not solve the issue.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you connecting the hand to the arm with a kinematic output?

No, I just dragged the hand drawing and dropped it into the arm drawing in the timeline in order to parent it. Could this be the problem?

i’m using harmony premium, and the way to do this is through a kinematic output in the node view.
this moves the hand with the arm, but doesn’t apply distortion to the hand.

on harmony advanced i’m not sure how this works as it’s done through the timeline.