pivots going haywire....line up drawing and camera view drawings

I have created a hierarchy and when placing the pivot points the body part moves.

I am in the camera view when placing the pivot and when i place it on top of a body part the body part jumps.

What i think it has something to do with is when i go to drawing mode the body parts are in different positions.

How do i get the body parts to line back up in drawing and camera view?

I’d like to know the answer to this question myself! I’ve had this happen to characters that I’ve worked on and think it has to do with repositioning the layers during the breakdown and rigging stage. Then everything gets off. Like you said, you go to place a pivot on a layer and it jumps position. Drives me nuts!

It is due to the positioning of the layers and it has caused me nightmares. I think it only happens once you have animation on them. Lilly posted a solution to this but I can’t find it by search and can’t remember. I now make sure I set up all my pivots before animating.

so how do we find the original post she created? This is a huge problem for me right now ugh…

http://www.toonboom.com/support/forums/animate/index.php?board=16;action=display;threadid=4403;start=msg21028#msg21028this seemed to work

Sorry that I didn’t respond back fast enough for you guys on this one!

Indeed, this happens when you have animation on a layer. The animation is driven by the position of the pivot point, so the moral of the story is, don’t use the Transform Tool to reposition elements in the rigging stage. Simply use the Select tool to reposition drawings for rigging.

If you’ve already moved a drawing with the Transform tool, you can just remove the animation with F7, and hit Reset All under Animation as well, in case you moved the layer without the Animate button on. Then you should be all set.