Pivots don't show up on camera view

I created a rig, added pivots to each drawing, but when I go to the Camera view to start animating, pivots don’t show up. I can select any given piece of the character, and the colors change as they should, but instead of seeing the square WITH the pivot, I just see the square. It lets me translate the piece, but not rotate.

I can go to the graph editor and rotate it there, but that is not what it should do, right?

Sometimes pivots show up where you least expect them, so they might be visible outside your current camera frame.

Not really… I´ve searched around, and there’s no pivot to be seen. Also, I can’t rotate using the animation tool, but if I go into the graph editor and change the values, it does rotate around the invisible pivot.

Let’s see if you make sense of this. I had originally imported the pieces of my rig from a very large photoshop file. When the rig’s scale was normal, it HAD pivots. I had to reduce the character for a specific scene, and the pivots were gone. I went back and reduced the drawing size, moving every part to match, then on animation enlarged the rig, and the pivots were back on.

It doesn’t make sense to me, but I noticed that an independent element had a pivot, then I reduced it to match my tiny character, and then the pivot was gone.

I go into drawing view. With the select tool, I reduce the drawings themselves, reposition them so they match again and re-pivot them.

Then, I go to Camera view. Since my model is smaller now, I enlarge it with the Animate tool, using the all-keyframes mode. Now, the scale of the model went from 0.01 (which was so because the original drawings were so large, originally) to… say… 0.5.

Then, when I selected each element, the pivot was visible again, and I could animate easily again.

I don’t understand the role scale plays here, but you can try this yourself. Create a huge drawing, move the camera closer so it looks even bigger in camera view. Use the animate tool to reduce it to a tiny size, and then the pivot disappears. Dunno why, but it does. Is that a bug?

Yes, I understand that about repositioning the pivots, so, they didn’t really appear a mile away in the camera view. Actually, this was the first time I had huge drawings reduced so much, not sure if it happened with previous versions or what. When I reduced the drawings & enlarged the scale, pivots appeared again.

Then, it might be a bug on my version. I’m using Harmony version 7.8.1 running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Do you have a supported graphics card? What are your system specs?
- operating system
- graphics card


I’m having trouble understanding from your description.

Are you reducing the size of the character with the Transform tool? Are you changing the size of the Master Peg of the character?


Hmm I just tried this one myself. I did it both on an imported image, as well as on a drawing drawn in the software.

I imported the image in, and then using the Transform tool, I reduced the scale. I could reduce the scale to 0.000001 and the pivots were still in the right place, they didn’t disappear.

I also tried reducing the size in the Drawing View, but when you reduce the scale in the Drawing View, you need to re-position the pivot points, because the pivot is tied to a spot on the Drawing Grid, and when you scale your drawing, the place where the pivot needs to be on the drawing grid changes.


Well if you want to investigate it further, they email support@toonboom.com and they can investigate it with you.


was this fixed??? XD its happening to me now.

so i finished setting up my pivots to their proper places, but when i select my master peg i cant see any pivot, and its important to see that so i can continue with the turnaround T_T i clicked on my other pegs and the pivots are there, but when its the master peg, i dont see it. But when i rotate him from anywhere he does rotate etc.

please help~

note: i already zoomed all the way out and in and the master peg pivot is not there