pivots acting different when using deformation and the transform tool


I am currently rigging a turnaround character in five positions. I’m using the bone, curve and envelope transformers. The pivot is set using the drawing pivot. For each pose I am assigning a deformation chain.

As I am applying the deformers, I animate each one to see how it works and that this is the type I want to use. This is my first character so I am exploring and learning as I apply the deformers on each layer/part. With each piece/layer rigged, I play with both the deformer and the transform tool to see how each part responds so I have an idea of what it will do when I animate my character.

The confusion I have is when I use the transform tool the pivot stays in one position for all five poses. I’ve moved the pivot around using the rotate tool, but I wonder how that is going to work/behave when I animate.

When I click on the drawing pivot, it is moving with each pose. But this doesn’t seem to help with the transform tool. (In layer properties, I’ve enabled/selected “apply embedded pivot on drawing layer”)

Is there something I need to do for this pivot to move with each pose when I use the transform tool?

I’m not sure what I am missing here. I’ve read and re-read the guide concerning pivots but I can’t figure out why it is acting this way-- Am I misunderstanding how the transform tool works or have I not selected something for it to act as I think it should?

Any explanations are greatly appreciated.


Yes i have the same problem, is there someone who can help us ? i didn’t find anything on this in the help .

Moving the pivot permanently affects all poses made prior to that. Also, Using deformers to move drawings does not necessarily mean moving their pegs as well, unless you do Kinematic Output. The change of pivot position on every pose could be the result of using deformers instead of the Transform Tool to do the poses.

Hope I am making sense here.

Hi auramancer_12,

I think I understand what you mean. I added the KOs where needed and there doesn’t seem to be the issue anymore. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make the z axis not affect all the poses… That’s on a different post.

Thanks for your help.


Keep in mind that peg offsets are additive.
The parent peg passes its offsets down the line.

Also it’s easier to control the Z-position if the
peg or element movement is using separate
axis (not 3D movement). After that it’s just a
matter of keyframing it (hint: use stop-motion
keyframes for this, not interpolated ones).

I am having the same issue but could not correct with the KOs, the pivot point set by the drawing pivot was changing accordingly to the different views of my character, but when i add a deformer, everything get messy and the pivot point just stop changing with the view, SOMEONE HELP PLEASE, i am stuck and with deadline.