Pivot x Transform!

For some reason , the place that I define the pivot is not the same place the transform tool . I click on the frame with the drawing of the arm of the layer in the timeline , I copy "copy cells from timeline " and paste the peg Arm “paste special paste” , but will not! Is a program bug ? But when I click " Transform " the pivot seems to be in the right place , only when I click " Pivot " he is in a different place . Strange …

PS : I’m Brazilian , I’m sorry my English … I’m using google translator ! :slight_smile:

pivots in toon boom are often frustrating. if you don’t need to make changes to the drawing layer and are happy with the location of the pivot on the peg, i would suggest that you just leave it. the ‘peg’ pivot is more important.

if you want, you can reposition the pivot on the drawing layer then in the ‘properties’ of that drawing layer go to ‘drawing’ tab and choose ‘apply embedded pivot on parent peg’

Just to add some information to the topic, in the official Toon Boom tutorials they seem to use the Advanced Animation Rotate Tool or Transform Tool most often to set Pivots on parts to a whole object.