Pivot setting

Hi guys,

  1. How do I set the pivot point to center on the artwork. Simply I draw the circle but can’t align the pivot automatically center.

  2. Toon Boom template database should have the animation chart packs for Animate studio. I can’t import these files into Harmony’s library, how to use this?


There are charts for Harmony also:

Hello, to answer your question the pivot is automatically set to the center of your scene, you get one pivot per drawing layer and peg layer, in your tool bar there is a tool called drawing pivot tool, located under the dropper tool which is under the line tool, that sets the pivot for your drawing. Pro Tip: In order to set the pivot in the center of your circle select your circle with the selection tool, then select the drawing pivot tool, a blue box will show up around your circle with a dot dead center of it. If you want to learn more the Learning Portal is the best way to go. It helped me learn a lot. http://learn.toonboom.com/?utm_source=octeth&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=learn%20portal&utm_campaign=20160503-beta-learn-portal-feedback-to-students

Hi Gabe,


I download the animation chart packs from toon boom template resource materials, that file contains like walk & run cycle, butterfly,… in .tbc format. These files for Animate studio but i am using Harmony 14 premium. I could’t load these files into harmony library. If there any possibilities to convert these things?


Thanks rkriz. It’s really useful to me.