Pivot Question

Can you help me out here please?

When I place my pivots on the puppet, in Animate, specifically when I place them for the shoulder and hip how do I do it? I have arm, forearm, hand layers and leg, tibia, and foot. Do I use the leg pivot for the hip spot or do I need to make a hidden hip section and combine Leg and Tibia pivot together? Same situation for the shoulder? Are forearm and arm combined and do I have to make a hidden shoulder?

PS-in the tutorial the pivots are combined on both the knee and the elbow.

I really hope I don’t have to make hidden hips and shoulders.


You only need to have one pivot on each drawing layer.

When you are ready to create a hierarchy, and you parent elements together, then you will be able to move the hip, lower leg, and leg, for example, all from the hip pivot. Then if you select the lower leg, it will move the lower leg and foot.

Check out the video tutorials: