Pivot problemss when switching hands

Using Animate on WinXP Pro

Somehow after cutting layers I will find that one hand looks better than the other. So I copy the image and flip it horizontally to match the other hand.
Sometimes when I reopen the file that flipped hand flips itself back and my puppet has two right hands. I didn’t think this was that much of a problem until I tried to place the pivot on the copy/flip hand. It makes the hand jump way off the screen.
When looking at my puppet in both drawing and camera mode I can see that they mirror one another.

Is there a simple way to copy/flip an image with no pivot hiccups?

There are two ways to flip the object reliably…

1) Go into the element editor and set the scale of the X-axis to -1
doing this will show the drawing in its original orientation in the drawing view
but it will be correctly flipped in the Camera View. This is the quicket method

2) Select the entire drawing using a bounding box selection and drag the middle side
manipulator handle to cross the middle manipulator handle on the opposite side of the
selection box. This is the most robust method since it shows the new orientation in both
the Drawing View and the Camera View.

You saved me a lot of trouble.

Method 1 worked for me. Method 2 did not.
One variable: you said set the drawing X-axis to -1. It was already there. So I set it to the same number the Y-axis was: 1 and it fixed the problem. Funny how I had to do the reverse of what was recommended.

On my own I was thinking that I needed to select the drawing and with the camera view active copy it, create a new layer and paste the drawing into this new layer via the camera view. Then setting pivots don’t leap frog the drawing all over the place.
But that would be tedious, creating a new cell for each faulty drawing that I copy/flipped.

Your method is much faster.
Thanks again.