Pivot points

Why is there three tools for using pivot points? It only makes it less intuitive and confusing. Specially if you work with complex and long scenes where a change at the end can have devastating consequences at the beginning working with changing drawings in one layer.

Sorry about late reply.

Is this true when you have multiple drawings within one drawing layer?

What do you mean by layer?

Do you mean Element, or are you referring to layers as in line art/color art?
Either way the answer is yes.

The element modules have a setting on the “Drawing” tab of the Layer Properties called “Use Embedded Pivots”. This setting determines if you will use the pivot of the drawing, peg or ignore the drawing’s pivot altogether.

When making a rigged puppet it’s best to set it to use the pivot of the peg for all elements except the last one in the chain (i.e. hands and feet). These need to use the element pivots instead. This assumes a standard hierarchical or mixed rig.

Which three tools are you referring to?

It is frequently recommended that the Advanced Animation Rotate tool be used to set pivots.

Are you thinking of the three different types of pivots (Peg, Drawing, Symbol)?






Thanks for the links and the quick reply!

The Three Tools are:
Rotate tool - used for both PEG and drawing layer
Pivot tool - used for drawing layer
Transformation tool - used for temporary pivot points

The conflict is normally in drawing layers where I first has used rotate tool (turned off animation) to set the pivot point and later use the pivot tool. They make seperate pivots and pivot tool also move the other pivot when moved. So I am now adjusting both pivotpoints in drawing layer pluss PEG layer before I can start to animate.

And if I have multiple drawings in one layer and set the pivotpoint for each drawing then I usually get conflict adjusting the pivotpoints later. It can be very difficult to find the problem if I am making a long and complex scene.