pivot points drifting when I squash/stretch or skew them.

The subject line just about says it all. I usually build my cut out characters with the integrated pegs and they work marvelously.

But I’m trying some stuff with Masks, and I want to use pegs so that my mask moves WITH the element it’s attached to. But if I squash/stretch or skew my peg, the pivot point drifts away.

Any thoughts?


EDIT *I’ve found a work around by placing my elements at 0,0,0 and then re-positioning them. But I hope THATS not the only answer.


For such case it might be more efficient to add a peg layer to do the squash/stretch and do the rotation on the element (or the opposite). The pivot it not locked on drawing element so you will have different pivot for rotation and scale/skew, which will cause an offset of the rotation pivot when the element get scaled.



Thanks for the suggestion Ugo.
I’ll try a build like that, but having to swap between the two is probably a bit much for me to remember constantly.

I’m trying a scene now with pegs only on the eyes and head. Which have been repositioned to 000 before I attached the peg. So far so good, I just have to remember to swap between peg only modes when I use those parts.

If anything occurs to anyone else I’d love to hear it!


In fact, working with your pivots at 0,0 is probably the best solution. This way, it is much easier to get the exact result that you are looking for since.

When you start mixing scaling and rotation and then offsets to pivot position, it gets very hard to predict the exact transformation that will appear. Keeping the pivots at 0,0 and using a separate peg for scaling and rotation makes it much easier to work.