Pivot Point Trouble

When I move the pivots points on a peg, like at the arm and leg joints they won’t hold when I go back to them. It just defaults back to the previous position when I reselect the peg. I have had no problem with this until now, my other animations hold the pivot points fine…

Am I using the wrong tools to rig my character? I’m in sceneplanning mode and am using the move and transform tools. The points just won’t hold when I move them (its like I’m working in flash again lol)


To initially set the location of a pivot point use the Scene Rotation tool. The pivot point will be a green circle. If you have set the pivot point with the Rotation tool than that will be the location for that elements pivot point for the entire scene and you only want to set it once before you start keyframing.

Then to animate the element use the Scene Transform tool. The pivot point with the transform tool is a temporary pivot point. If you need to reposition the pivot point for a single move during keyframing you can reposition the blue pivot point of the Transform tool. That blue pivot point will only stay at the new position until you de-select the element in camera view, then it reverts to the original position as set with the Rotation tool. -JK