Pivot point question (hellish green bullseye)

I’ve created a number of cut-out characters and animations without too much problem. But one thing keeps popping up from time to time…and I can’t work out why.

1) I create a drawing element and then create a parent peg.
2) In Scene Planning view I select the Rotate Tool and then select the peg element. The green bullseye pivot point appears.
3) I move the green dot to the correct location ready for animation.

Now I know I could leave things as they are and I should be fine.

The only problem is that I know that Studio V4 now has keyframe functionaility built into drawing elements, so I select the Drawing Element to check on the position of its little green bullseye, pivot point.

The green dot is in the wrong position. So, I try to move the green dot. However, when I do this, both the green dot AND the image start moving around. I can get the image OR the pivot point in the correct location, but NOT at the same time. Is this ToonBoom’s very own uncertainty principle?
Does anyone know why, or how to stop this?

If I open up the Der Der template I can see that the Drawing elements have pivot points that don’t match their parent peg. However, I can move the green pivot points of the drawing elements WITHOUT the drawing element going haywire.


The reason you get an offset when you move your pivot point is most likely related to the fact there is some sort of offset in one of the parameter of either the peg or the element which is affected by the pivot.

Before you move any pivot you will need to make sure there is no keyframe or offset at all on your peg and drawing element (everything should be at (0,0)). Then you should be able to move your pivot without any issue. If for some reason you cannot reset those values on the drawing you could actually only rely on the peg pivot point by going to the Tool menu to activate the Turn Peg Only Mode On function. This function will automatically select the parent peg of a drawing whenever you select that drawing in the Camera view.

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