Pivot point properties


I’m pretty sure the answer to this is negative, but I wanted to ask, just in case. I’m trying to get a drawing’s pivot point via script in Animate Pro. I’m using node.getTextAttr and the result that is returned is (0,0). On inspection of the layer properties, the pivot point is (0,0), so all is well there.

However, looking in the camera view, the pivot point is NOT at (0,0). That is to say, it’s at a different location to the origin of the grid in the drawing view. Checking with the guy who created the drawing, he has moved the pivot point with the pivot tool.

Logic dictates that moving the pivot point from its original location should cause the pivot property to change, but as mentioned, it isn’t. I’ve done some reading of the user manual and these forums and sadly, it appears that using the pivot tool overrides the default pivot of the drawing and (I assume) this is stored in the drawing’s .tvg file and not as a property within the node.

It seems therefore, that the only way to get non-zero values for the pivot value in the node is to manually enter them in the pivot fields within layer properties. If this is the case, as my research suggests, then that’s fine, but I wanted to check and ask if there is a different node.getTextAttr that I should be accessing.

Like I say, I’m pretty sure what I’ve described is the case, but if I’m missing a different property not shown in that sample .txt file you can download from the tutorials page, then would be cool and would make it easier for the art dudes here.


The pivot tool changes the pivot of the drawing itself. By contrast, the pivot described in the Layer Properties window is the element’s pivot which is what you are able to get from the script.

The pivot tool pivot can be copied from drawing to drawing but there are no numbers available to the interface - it only works visually.