Pivot point oddity

I’m new to Harmony and I’ve been rigging and animating a character, following the lessons on the site as best I can.
Currently I’m having a problem with pivot points. The pivot point for the character’s hand is in the wrong place so I’m trying to relocate it using the pivot point tool. However the hand itself is not even rotating around the pivot but apparently around some other, invisible pivot, warping and distorting as it does so. Also the hand seems to disappear behind invisible masks as it moves. When I try to move the pivot point it moves in a completely different direction to the cursor. It doesn’t do any good to get it into the right place as the hand still moves around some other pivot I can’t locate. This video shows the problem. Password is “pivot”. Any thoughts very welcome.

Hello Dsisterson,

I recommend asking this question on our community Discord, which you can find here: https://discord.gg/syAjy4H

The server has a ton of people on it that can help you with this!

Just in case you never joined the discord…

Looks like the hand is rotating around on the pivot that’s over on the shoulder.

It might not be staying in place in general because of the deformation chain though.