Pivot point madness


I have a very irritating problem.
I’m working on a pretty big project, like 3000 frames…
I animated all my scenes in symbols and I used symbols for all the characterparts as well. After animating for weeks, the pivot point on one of the arms is flipping all over the place in almost every scene. Although I change the pivot on all frames it doesnt change the pivot on all frames, even not those in the same scene. The infected frames still act weird. Any idea what could be going on here?

thank you so much

I’m having a slightly different problem.While working within a symbol, I’m trying to add a new drawing to the symbol. I duplicate the last drawing, erased it, and am drawing a new hand. However, somehow the crosshairs of the symbol have jumped to a new location. So for example the first 5 drawings have the crosshairs in the same spot, but when I move to frame 6 the crosshairs jump to a new location. I have use the paste special trick and have also tried to “copy pivot to parent symbol” button in an attempt to reset the crosshairs for all the drawing frames, but haven’t had any luck.

Any ideas on what’s causing this?

In regards to my previous post, I am able to reset the crosshairs by using the “copy pivot to parent symbol” but you have to use this button on every drawing.

BUT I believe I figured out what caused it in the first place, and I’m thinking it’s some sort of bug. If I get everything aligned correctly, but then in the timeline extend that red bar(it allows for more frames to be added/subtracted overall) out any amount and then retract it back to where it was, the symbol crosshairs get all screwed up again. Sorry if this description is unclear I’m not sure what to call that red bar,

Wondering if anyone can replicate this issue. I’m using Animate(non-pro) on a Mac OSX 10.6


I don’t know if this will help but here’s the simplest example I can find of gettting Symbol pivots to correspond to the original drawings pivots.

Create three simple drawings in the same layer. Set them up so that they have 3 separate drawing Pivot points. Check the transformation Pivot Points on each drawing, for me these turned out to be all the same.

Copy one of the drawings, pull up the edit menu. Note that “Paste Special” is greyed out.

Goto the Animation tool bar and move the Transformation Pivot on the first drawing. Check that the pivot has only moved for that drawing. The results seem to be the same regardless of whether or not the “Running man is switched on or off”

Copy the drawing whose pivot point you’ve moved using Crtl C. Put the cusror on the second drawing, Go to the edit menu “Paste Special” should be available. “Paste Special”. Uncheck “Extend Exposure”. In the Advanced Tab, select the “Update Drawing Pivot” Radio Button. Leave everything else untouched and then hit . The Transfomation Pivot on the second Drawing should now be the same as the first. The Transfomation on the third drawing should be untouched and in it’s original position.

Create s Symbol from the three drawings. Drag the Symbol underneath the original layer. Check the transformation Pivots, they should all be re-set to the original state of the original drawings. That is different from the original layer as it is now.

Double click on the first frame of the added symbol. The top left hand corner of the screen will show the House Symbol, followed by the Symbol “Symbol” and the name of the original layer. Grey cross hairs show the position of the pivot point in the first frame of the Symbol. Click the “Copy Symbol to Parent Symbol button and the cross hairs will move to the position of the pivot point in the original drawing. The original drawing and the corresponding drawing in the Symbol will now have the same pivot point.


Each drawing has its own pivot point. It becomes a little bit more complicated when you use a symbol, because a symbol may have many drawing layers inside of it. Inside the symbol, you would need to set the pivot points up on each drawing in one drawing layer, and then you could tell the symbol to use that drawing’s pivot by using the “Copy Pivot to Parent Symbol” option. You can see some light-grey crosshairs that indicate the position of the Symbol’s pivot.

You should now be seeing those pivots in your master scene. Does this help you to resolve your issue?