pivot point creation

is there a way to mark one pivot point for ALL drawings? it’s tedious to move the points on each drawing especially if you’re using hand-drawn animation.

Hi GinoZump,

I would set the first pivot and then copy the pivot and select all the drawings in the column and do a paste special ticking off the copy pivot box at the bottom of the dialog box. All the pivots should be set to the first pivot in the column.


If you want one pivot for all your drawings, then there’s two things you can do. You can copy the pivot from one drawing, then select all your other drawings and do a Paste Special with Update Drawing Pivot.

Or you can simply use a Peg layer, because a Peg layer only has one pivot point, and the location of this pivot is controlled by the Rotate tool. So you could set up the rotation in your peg layer, then just animate directly on the peg instead of the drawing layer.