Pivot Craziness

Problem one: I have a character with a claw where the to sides of the claw opn and close with a Robot nut covering the hinge. My puppet is coming out great, all the other parts take the pivot where ever I put them, however I have a problem with the claw on all five views. Everytime I put the pivot in the middle of the “Nut” It disappears to a new location somewhere int he camera view? After some tweeking I get the nut back where it belongs. Then when I go to the next view and try to place the pivot the same thing happens and both views get messed up. I have tried so many things.

Problem 2: I have been trying to do the pivots for the hands. When I get the first view set and move to the next I encounter a strange movement issue. If I try to move the “hand” object to a slighlty different location it changes the orientation in all the views?

What am I missing I feel like this is always the problem I have.

Try looking at the top and side view to see where the “nut” is going. This appears to be an open rig as opposed to a hierarchical rig so it can’t be a stacking movement that gets positioning info transferred to it from a parent peg.

I would probably change the design to make tha nut part of the claw image to make it simpler to rig and animate.