Pivot Copy and Pivot Paste.

While rigging in Harmony, I find myself needing to create multiple pegs that contain the exact same pivot. This is easy to do when I can just use a keyboard shortcut to quickly duplicate the peg, but after my hierarchy is set up I don’t want to have to re-create and rename pegs all the time just to get the same pivot point.

At a previous studio, we had a function that copied the pivot position, and allowed me to paste it on other pegs. I could assign keyboard shortcuts to this, so all I had to do was adjust the pivot on one peg, test it, adjust it until I was happy, and then copy pivot (which I has set to control+shift+c) and select whatever peg I needed to have this updated pivot position and paste it (set to control+shift+v).

It was quick, and sped up my workflow considerably. I was able to use the same hierarchy as a template for multiple characters, without having to basically recreate every peg that needed to be a slightly different pivot position. I would very much like it to be incorporated into Harmony.

I asked a question about this here: https://forums.toonboom.com/harmony/general-discussion/can-i-copy-pivot-position and GenevieveDemers from the toonboom team suggested I post a feature request.

(I’m also not sure if it should be one feature request per thread or not, so I will go with that to keep things simple. I will make another thread for my other request. If it is better to condense them, I can edit this post to reflect that. I didn’t see a sticky with instructions on how to format these.)

As long as I can set shortcuts to specifically pivot copy/ pivot paste without having to choose any options, this sounds fine.

You would have to choose the options only one time.
After that you will be able to use CTRL+SHIFT+B (or any other keyboard shortcut you assign to it), which is ‘Special Paste Again’. This performs ‘Special Paste’ without opening the options menu.

Perhaps it can be both an option in paste special then, as well as something you can assign specific shortcuts to. That way, if you wanted to use paste special for something else, you would be able to and not lose your pivot copying.

I use this feature request to repeat that it would be cool if there was a way to assign keyboard shortcuts to scripts.

Perhaps, the best solution would be to add this feature to the ‘Paste Special’ options, the same option that is already available for drawings, but for pegs.