Pitching a successful Cartoon Series?

i’m currently in my 3rd year of university, i’m studying interactive multimedia and design (the whole shebang). but i’m more into the animation side. i don’t really want to be an animator for other people, i’m more interested in pursuing my goal which is to create an animation series. my favorite world would have to be avatar the last air-bender, the characters are as complex as the creators were permitted to make them, their struggles where relatable, and their fuck ups were oh-so-present, but what interested me the most was the world the characters struggled in. i’m currently working on my series idea, and i don’t want to shoot my self in the leg by saying it is trash, or say it is great, the story needs a-lot of work, but i’m not here to ask for help on that.

i need to understand the animation industry and i need tips on how to survive pitching a series and the steps to keep on trying when rejected. i think the story i loved the most was how rick and morty came to be, the creator really put so much effort into making his dream a reality, and that is really admirable.

so guys lay it on me, be realistic and honest.

Hi, I’m not an expert, there should be more experienced people in the industry than me in this community, but here are my thoughts on the matter:

If you don’t like to animate for other shows, the only option you have is to show your idea has an audience, they will never consider it if it doesn’t have one. You’ll have to work on your idea on your own, make a pilot or animation concepts, use youtube to show it and see if people show interest. Maybe using a funding for animation in your country could help, in my country, getting a fund is possible if the idea has a cultural component and if I’ve made the writing, storyboarding and pilot on my own, maybe your country has something along the way.

Remember that even if your idea has an audience, there’s no garantee they will pick your idea. I don’t know if there are events to show potential ideas to big companies or investors, I’d also like to know that, but sharing your work might be a good first step to get what you want.

i got it, thank you for the explanation.