Pitch Mode

When I enter into pitch mode, is there a quick way to go full screen? There is a button that says “enter full screen mode”, but that only seems to hide the Menu bar at the top. I would like to hide all the panels and white space with one click and completely go full screen, similar to how it is done in Powerpoint.

Also, why isn’t “Pitch Mode Workspace” mentioned in the User Guide.

Any thoughts?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Lilly,

Where can I find the Consulting Addendum?

I am trying to display the full panel without the thumbnail preview, the playback controls, or the comment/dialog fields.

I know I can hide the the respective windows with the arrows, but I want to go purely full screen with only my image showing, and ideally with one click.


Pitch Mode is one of those Consulting Version-only features, so it should be mentioned in the Consulting addendum document.

Ctrl+F or Cmd+F should send you to Full Screen in general, but I think the Pitch Mode already goes full screen by default. What is it exacly that you’d like it to do? Display the view without the Captions?


There are some Preferences in your Pitch Mode tab that will allow you to turn on and off some aspects in the Pitch Mode interface, but hiding the comments/dialog and the thumbnail preview you can’t turn off from here. I’ll submit a feature request to add that to the preferences.

Regarding the Consulting Addendum, I just realised that it doesn’t appear in the regular help file. I’m pretty sure that it exists, since I’m sure I’ve read it before, so let me just double-check for you. Go ahead and email me, lilly@toonboom.com, and I’ll make sure that I can email that file to you when I get the information from the documentation team.