Picture > sketch Sequence


I was told this was where I needed to be to get help.

I am very very new to this, never done it before new…

Here’s my project:

I have 21 steps in a sequence of a horse walking…first I used the drawing tool and used the brush to sketch over the video image of each cell…really sloppy job …

Query#! …Can I some kind of way bring up the photo…and have it automatically sketch the outline? It would be much cleaner and a true repesentative of the orginal

Please if you are going to help do it in this fashion as ? am a visual learner/

For example:
Element > open add > drawing > etc etc…

I would like to thank you in advance for any and all help


I dont think there is a way with just this program.
what i did before because i had to make a small web commercial in a very short time was i took the video that i wanted to be animated and i imported it into corel and you can change the look of it will just a click of a button then import it into toon boom. so then you could just cut out the “Painted” (you can decide on how painted you want it to look) image in toon boom and add elements. this would not give you the outline that you are requesting but maybe this idea can help you. corel and toon boom work extremely well with each other.

im just throwing this idea out there since no one else replied yet