picture problem in harmony

When i import any image type in harmony. It is disappear. Only is slectable but not show any why. How to solve this problem.

Make sure Quicktime is installed and up to date.

…Why does QuickTime give problems with image importing, anyway?

Quicktime was never just a video player, it was a multimedia framework for handling video, images, sound, and even at one point interactivity and vr panoramas. Companies used Quicktime in their software to be able to handle and support all of the different video, images and sound formats, etc.

The problem is that Apple just did not all of a sudden stop developing Quicktime, no, they have been moving on from Quicktime to AV Foundation for the last 5 years now. This AV Foundation is the default multimedia frameworks for the Mac OS and iOS.

There is a lot of hatred for Quicktime now but the writing has been on the wall for a long time. Apple was moving on from it was not going to develop it any further and companies should have had a plan in place if their software relied on it.