Picture Import

hey whenever i import a picture from paint shop it always comes out huge and pixelated. I was wondering if i’m doing something wrong and why it is that all the pictures i try to import do that. All i want to know is how to import a saved piture to my cartoon frame and have it look like it did when i finished the picture… because having an animation software w/o the ability to import a good picture is just annoying… but with all the cool features im sure there is a way to make it work.
plz help

try to keep the picture a bit bigger than your animation frame size.
1. scale it in paintshop, adding 20-30 pixels on each side of the animation frame size
2. move the image element in scene planning far away so that camera shows only a bit less than the whole image
hope it helps.

oh, btw, if you wish to see the whole image, you must have it in the same size as your animation frame size.

When you import images into toon Boom it enlarges or shrinks them to be 10 inches wide. so if your image is small then that increase the canvas size to 10 inches wide. Also if you want control over bit map images in drawing mode export them as a flash swf movie then import the swf file and you will be able to resize rotate and draw on them.

how would one export a picture (bitmap) as a flash movie?
please explain in as much detail as possible as i am a newbie(it says so under my name ::))

After you import the bitmap image into toon boom even if it is only one frame you can export it as a movie so first position the camera in sceneplanning on your image as you can only export what the camera sees then from file select export movie chose flash movie. after you export it then go to file and chose import macromedia flash movie and there you go you now have control of them in drawing mode. I have been experimenting with making animated puppets from photographs of people using toon boom something like the old monty python stuff or like you see on the jib jab web site and toon boom can be adapted to do this pretty well. the new video tutorials toon boom just released on cut out animation are great THANKS TOON BOOM.

wow thank you alot… it really worked well.
im making the funniest commercial with that philosophy, but i couldnt even start it without that information.
Toon Boom Studio really is cool. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help the way I make my bitmap puppets is using photoshop elements I make as many copies of a picture as I need cut apart the arms and legs remove the background the do a save for the web as a png file that will allow you to save the transparency so there are no borders around the image then take them into toon boom each piece in its own element export as flash re import make my puppet then attach the pegs for rotation and movement then I can save it to the global library as a templet